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河北福彩快三基本,高三英语 解答完形填空的三大策略_英语_高中教育_教育专区


河北福彩快三基本,高三英语 解答完形填空的三大策略_英语_高中教育_教育专区。? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? wealthy-poor ? common-strange ? better-worse ? generous-mean ? easier-bitter ? sm

河北福彩快三基本? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? wealthy-poor ? common-strange ? better-worse ? generous-mean ? easier-bitter ? smooth-rough ? polite-rude ? aware-ignorant ? positive-negative ? accept-reject offer-get/take approve-opposed allow-forbid increase-decrease /confuse add-reduce believe-doubt push-pull arrive-leave 本节课目标: 温习完型技巧,加强考题思考 big big guy-大妈? or small 女儿长大了 1~5 ADBCD 6~10 BA DCB 11~15 CBCAD 解答完形填空的三大策略 词语同现、词语复现和逻辑推理是解 答完形填空的三大策略,领会和掌握这三 大策略对提高完形填空的解题速度和准确 率都大有裨益。 1、词语同现 词语同现是指意义上相关的词汇出现 在同一语篇上,构成了以某一话题为中心 的词汇链,也有人称之为语义场。 2、词语复现 词语复现指某一个词以原词、同 根词、同义词、反义词(如wrong, not correct )、上义词、下义词等方式重复 出现在语篇中,语篇中的句子正通过 这种复现关系以达到相互衔接。 3、逻辑推理 在做完形填空时许多考生都会有这样 的经历,即使他们对选项当中的每个词的 意思都非常清楚,但得分不高。因为完形 填空考查的是一种综合能力,不但是对词 汇的考查,而且对句子间和上下文之间逻 辑关系的推断也是完形填空考查的重点。河北福彩快三基本 其中逻辑关系主要包括因果关系、转折关 系、对比关系、并列关系等。 ? 6. (2013江苏)That was why she was alone on the ________, wearing an expensive swimsuit. It had taken a massive tantrum to get her parents to buy it. They were back at the beach-house… A. beach B. bed C. floor D. ship ? 解析:A ,词语同现。河北福彩快三基本下文所提到的 “swimsuit”和“beach-house”与选项中的 “beach”属于词语同现,故选A。 ? 4. (2013全国) In winter, Mr. Greenberg does not ________ like other New Yorkers, who look at the sidewalk and hurry down the street. A. act B. sound C. feel D. dress ? 解析:A,上下义复现。由下文look at the sidewalk和 hurry down the street可知,look和 hurry属于个人的行为表现, 故选A,act和look、 hurry是上下义词复现。 ? [ 例 2] For example, babies about fourteen months old almost always notice if something is taken away from a ________group. But when the number goes beyond three or four, the children are often fooled. A. single B. small C. local D. new ? 解析:B 从表转折的连词But可知,上句和下句 之间是转折关系,下句提到“当数量超过三或 四时,孩子就往往被愚弄到”,换句话说“数 量较少时,孩子会注意到了”,故选B。 ? 2. (2013全国) He looks like any other businessman, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase(公文箱). But he’s ________. His briefcase always has some gloves. A. calm B. different C. crazy D. curious ? 解析:B ,逻辑推理。河北福彩快三基本上文提到 “他像其他商 人一样,穿着西装,带着公文箱”,但是“公 文箱里总是装着几双手套”,由此可推出他是 不一样的。故选B。 ? 3. (2013全国)A pair of gloves may be a _______ thing, but it can make a big difference in winter. A.small B. useful C. delightful D. comforting ? 解析:A ,逻辑推理。由线索词but推出,这里 应选与下文big相对应的small。河北福彩快三基本故选A。 ? 5. (2013全国)It runs in the________. Michael’s father always helped the poor as he believed it made everyone happier. A. city B. family C. neighborhood D. company ? 解析:选B,上下义复现。选项中family是下文 中提到Michael’s father的上义词,即上下义词 复现,故选B。 ? 7. (2013天津) His loving and selfless nature has inspired me to become more sympathetic and ________, putting others first. A. careful B. regretful C. considerate D. humorous ? 解析:C,近义复现。与下文putting others first 意义相近的应该是considerate,故选C。 ? 8. (2013山东)When she died, I was ________, but I was also very grateful to her. A. homeless B. heartbroken C. bad-tempered D. hopeless ? 解析:B 词语同现。上文提到的“die”与选项 中的“heartbroken”词语同现,故选B。 ? 9. (2013重庆) On that afternoon, as the math teacher started to introduce difficult concepts, dark clouds covered the sky, and the storm set in…So math time was followed by the time for (1) ________. All children naturally drew (2)________pictures on such a day. (1) A. class B. sports C. art D. tea (2) A. great B. dark C. different D. strange ? 解析:前空选 C ,词语复现。河北福彩快三基本下文中提到的 “drew picture”与选项中的“art”属于词语复现, 故选C。 后空选B ,逻辑推理。上文中的场景提到 “dark clouds covered the sky, and the storm set in ”,在这样的天气,孩子自然而然地会画出 暗淡的图画。故选B。河北福彩快三基本 ? 11. (2013 山东) By the end of my first semester,I was really________ . It seemed as if everyone but me had made friends and was having fun. A. careful B. lonely C. curious D. guilty ? 解析:B, 逻辑推理。由下文可知,每个人除了 我都交上了朋友并玩得很开心,由此可推出我没 有交上朋友,可见我是孤独的,故选B。 ? 13. (2013 湖南)When I was 8 years old,I once decided to run away from home. With my suitcase (1)____and some sandwiches in a bag, I started for the front door and said to Mom, “I’m leaving. ” “ If you want to (2) _____, that’s all right,” she said. (1) A. packed B. returned C. cleaned D. repaired (2) A. drop out B. go by C. move around D. run away ?解析: ? (1) A,逻辑推理。由语境run away from home可知,我离家出走,肯定要 打包行李。故选A。 ? (2) B , 逻 辑 推 理 。 上 文 提 到 “ run away”,本空格属 于词语复现,故选 D。 ? 14. (2013 湖南)“Wait a minute,” Mom said. “I want your _______ back. You didn’t wear anything when you arrived. ” This really angered me. I tore my clothes off—shoes, socks,underwear and all... A. bag B. clothes C. sandwiches D. suitcase ?解析:B,原词复现。下文提到clothes,本 空格属于词语复现, 故选 B。 ? 15. (2013 湖南) I dashed to the front door and banged on it loudly. “ Who’s there?” I heard. “It’s Billy! Let me in! ” The voice behind the _______answered, “Billy doesn’t live here anymore. He ran away from home. ” A. house B. tree C. door D. yard ? 解析:C,原词复现。上文提到了door有人敲 门,接着就是门后的人回答,本空格属于词语 复现。故选C。 ? 16. (2013 天津)My father’s hands tell the story of his life as a______,including all his struggle... On one of those hot mornings I was picking sweet corn with my dad to fill the last order from the grocery. A. teacher B. gardener C. farmer D. grocer ? 解析:C,逻辑推理。由下文的场景picking sweet corn可知,爸爸是一个农民,故选C。 ? 18.( 2013 四川)There, I met 14-year-old Stephanie,whose burns are a lot more serious than mine. But she is so______ that she never lets anyone put her down. A.honest B. strong C. active D. young ? 解析:B , 逻辑推理。由下文提到she never lets anyone put her down,可推出Stephanie很坚强, 故选B。 ? 19. (2013 陕西)We ordered hamburgers and Coca Cola at the counter. When our _____came, I started walking towards an empty table. A.food B. turn C. bill D. menu ? 解析:A ,上下义复现。选项中的food是上文 提到的hamburgers和Coca Cola的上义词,即 是上下义词复现,故选A。 ? 20. (2013 安徽)Becoming fluent in a language will take years, but learning to get by takes______. A. some risks B. a lot less C. some notes D. a lot more ? 解析:B, 逻辑推理。由转折词but推出,选项 中的a lot less与上文提到的take years相对应, 故选B。 ? Students in big cities and students in rural areas have different ideas on whether they would be a teacher or not in the future. In the opinion of the students in big cities, parents pay a lot of attention to their children’s education and respect teachers. Besides, schools in big cities are equipped with advanced facilities, and teachers there can often get a high-paid job with short working hours. However, the students in rural areas think, being less developed in all aspects, rural areas have insufficient educational facilities and teachers there are often less valued with longer working hours and lower income. As far as I’m concerned, the government should invest more in rural education and make every effort to improve the rural teachers’ working and living conditions. ? Sarah shows great gratitude to her parents because her parents provided her with great support in her skating career. She holds the view that it was her parents’ support that made her succeed. ? As for me, I totally agree with Sarah. There is no doubt that parents’ support plays an important part in our daily life. They spare no effort to make us live a better life and their support gives us the courage to face all the difficulties in our life and studies. ? Sarah’s experience reminds me of something unforgettable that my parents did for me many years ago. When I was in primary school, I was quite shy and had great difficulty communicating with my classmates. Therefore, I often felt lonely and had no interest in school life. After my parents learnt about this they tried their best to encourage me to talk to my classmates and teachers. It was with their help and support that I eventually overcame my shyness and built up confidence. Now, I really appreciate their support and I would like to say thanks to them from my bottom of heart. 解答完形填空的三个步骤 完形填空解题技巧口诀:“跳读快读抓主旨; 瞻前顾后寻暗示;先易后难分步走;语义贯通 验全文。” 具体说就是答题要分三步: 第一步,选答前要 “ 跳读快读抓主旨 ” ,即 不看选项,跳过空白快速略读全文,初步掌握 文章主旨大意或故事梗概,以便心中有数,为 第二步选答作准备。值得指出的是,许多同学 往往忽略或不愿做这一步,而是直接就去做题 选答,导致不必要的丢分。 第二步,答题中做到“瞻前顾后寻暗示”, 即在作答过程中要注意从上下文中寻找依据。 题目不论难易,在空格前后必有依据。 “先易后难分步走 ”,就是先完成其中比较 清晰容易、题干无生僻词汇的小题;做完简单 题,就能更加清楚地掌握文章结构和逻辑关系。 对于某些一时拿不准的选项,可暂时放一放, 等到对全文有一个更透彻的理解之后再选择答 案,可减少失误。切忌先入为主,一气呵成。 值得重视的是,由于任意一篇文章都是围 绕某一话题展开的,某些与话题相关词语会反 复出现,所以要特别留心 “ 复现词 ” ,包括 “ 原 词复现,近义词复现,同根词和反义词的复现。 第三步,答题后要“语义贯通验全文 ”,即 在完成全部选答之后,要把答案带入文章再快 速验读一遍,看是否语义贯通,确保合情、合 理、合逻辑。若有解释不通的地方要考虑改选 答案。 名师 指津


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